The person holding a Mexican temporary or permanent resident visa or card may bring their household goods to Mexico duty free.

The process must be done in person at the Consulate, Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm the certificate will be ready the following business day.

According to Mexican Law, the household goods include furniture, linens, books, clothes, as well as scientific work and art work as long as these are NOT collections for exhibitions or galleries.


To obtain a household import certificate the following documents must be submitted:


  1. Temporary or Permanent Resident visa issued by a Consular Office or Temporary or Permanent Resident card issued by the National Migration Institute (INM) including 4 photocopies of it.
  2. Valid Passport including 4 photocopies of the main page.
  3. A typed letter addressed to the Consulate General of Mexico, requesting the certification of the list of household items being imported, stating last address in the United States mentioning the time of residence and the location of the new residence in Mexico. 4 original signed letters are required.
  4. A typed list in Spanish of all of the household goods specifying quantity and description of each item, as well as the brand, model and serial numbers of electronic appliances. 4 original sets, signed by petitioner are required.



Articulo Marca Model Num. de serie
Televisor Sony Triniton W23456-6783EDR
DVD JVC VJK F324564HE85948
Microondas LG Samsing WK2005237
Despertador Radio Shack   S/N

Fee $127.00 USD in cash or money order.



You may import your household goods as a family only once and only if these requirements are met:

  • Furniture and used clothing / linens only.
  • Major electronic appliances cannot be duplicated (refrigerator, stove, etc.)
  • The household goods must correspond to the number of family members.
  • No new electric/electronic appliances may be included.
  • Neither food or beverages are considered household goods
  • You cannot include firearms.
  • A motor vehicle is not considered a household good.
  • The import of household goods of Temporary Resident and Temporary Student is temporary and only for the period that your immigration card remains valid. You must maintain your immigration status updated in Mexico and notify the customs authorities in case of change of address while in Mexico. You must also bring back your household goods when returning to your country.


This household certificate allows you to bring into Mexico your household goods only when these items are imported no later than six months after your first entry.

Mexican customs will require a copy of your Immigration Form (FMM stamped by the Mexican immigration authorities) or your Temporary or Permanent Mexican Resident Card. 


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