transito de cadaver




1. A certified copy of the death certificate, with its Spanish translation, in official stationery o the funeral home.

2. Burial or cremation transit permit, original, duly signed with its Spanish translation in official stationery of the funeral home.

3. Embalmers or crematory certificate, in original, signed by the embalmer or crematory and duly notarized, also with Spanish translation, in official stationery of the funeral home or crematory.

4. Name, address and telephone of the funeral home in Mexico.

NOTE: If the body is going to be shipped to Mexico City, the Consulate has to issue a Mexican death certificate.

5. As of 2009 we require, if possible, a copy of the the following documents of the deceased: birth certificate, passport or Mexican ID "Matricula Consular" or voters registration card. 

6. If not requested in person, you must send a prepaid self-addressed envelope.

NOTE: For further information, please send an e-mail to:

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