How can I schedule an appointment?

1. Go to the link
2. Select your language on the upper right corner. For English click on USA flag
3. Create an account.
*The password must contain more than 6 characters, at least one uppercase letter, a lowercase,a number or special character.
4. Select the option MEXITEL (Embassies and Consulates) and click to ACCEPT.
5. You will receive a confirmation email. Go to the link.
6. Your account has been activated. Now you can log in and book your appointment.
7. Select your language.
8. Write your e-mail and Password and click to LOG IN.
9. In the “Country” dropdown menu select: United States
10. Type in your ZIP Code.
11. In “Consular Office” and "Office"select: DENVER
12. In “Document” and "Step type detail"* select the service you are requesting the appointment for:VISAS/POWER OF ATTORNEY*For the POA select the option "Fe Publica"
13. Fill out all the required information (Passport number, Given Name, Surname, Date of Birth,Sex, Phone number) and click on SEARCH.
14. Select date and hour.
15. Click to ACCEPT.

I have not been able to schedule an appointment.
What should I do?
Try different browsers. Our website works better with Google Chrome and Firefox. You should also try on a laptop or PC, some devices are not compatible with our webpage.

If you are using Internet Explorer, follow these instructions:

-Select your language. For English click on the USA flag.
-Verify that your browser has the “Compatibility mode” disabled. Follow these steps:
1. Press “F12” key. This will show the tool bar in the lower part of your browser.
2. Look for the option “Explorer mode” and click on it. This will show the available modes.
3. The mode of the browser is checked by a tick.
4. If the compatibility mode is activated, select the “Internet Explorer 9” mode by clicking onthe right option.
5. The open webpage will refresh automatically and it should display correctly.
6. To close the toolbar click on the “X” located to the right of the bar or press “F12” key again.