U.S. Consulate in Mexico

Visa to enter to Mexico with the purpose of attending the US consulate to obtain a new U.S. Visa


All applicants must submit the following documents in person:

  • Print the VISA Application.
  • Original "Notice of Action" from INS, with a photocopy;
  • Confirmation of your appointment at the US Consulate in Mexico, with a photocopy;
  • Valid passport, with a photocopy of the page with your personal data, picture and signature.
  • Valid 1-94 or I-20 with a fotocopy.
  • One recent color photo, front view, with white background.
  • The latest bank statement.
  • Consular Fee: US $ 36.00


For more information, please call:

Tel. (915)533-3644 / 533-3645 ext. 241