Visa for temporary resident

This type of visa is for you if:

  • You are traveling to Mexico for retirement, investments, professional activities, technical activities, artistic activities, scientific activities, and sport activities or as a minister of religion
  • You will be in Mexico more than 180 days
  • You don´t have a work authorization



  • Apply at this Consulate General in person
  • Fill out the Application form
  • Valid passport in original and one photocopy of the pages containing personal information, photograph of bearer and expiration date/extensions
  • Valid US visa for multiple entries and one photocopy
  • Valid I-94 form in original and one photocopy
  • One photo passport size, no glasses
  • A written request in original letterhead and with the current date from the company in the United States with the following information:

a)        It must be addressed to the Mexican Consulate General at El Paso, Texas.

b)       The letter body should include the type of business that the sending company in the US is involved in.

c)        The kind of work or activity that will be performed by the applicant in Mexico.

d)       It should state that the applicant that the company in the US sending the applicant to Mexico will cover the applicant’s salary end economic compensations in the United States.

e)        The letter must be signed in original by a third party, not by the applicant.

f)        Attach a copy of the last tax declaration of the company in the US.


  • Original financial records (last twelve months of your bank statements in US Dollars or last twelve months of pay stubs or employment letter specifying your position and salary and the last twelve months of international credit card statements. You can also submit official documents proving the ownership of a property/company/business) and one photocopy of them or a yearly social security statement.
  • If a company/organization/association in Mexico is sponsoring or inviting the foreign national, the applicant can submit an original invitation letter* from them (the invitation must have a letterhead, address and signed in ink. Scanned or pdf versions won’t be accepted). Ministers of religion should submit original letter of “anuencia” (consent) of the Ministry of the Interior (Secretaría de Gobernación) from Mexico.
  • Consular fee.

For more information, please call:

Tel. (915)533-3644 / 533-3645 ext. 241