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Stakeholders gather for “Conservation Day @ The Beach” in Pui O, Hong Kong


A diverse group of people participated on Saturday, 26 May 2018, in the “Conservation Day @ The Beach” at Pui O, Lantau island, Hong Kong. The non-profit event helped increase awareness of the importance of the conservation of our seas, and of the role we all can play in preventing pollution, promoting sustainable fisheries, and protecting biodiversity.


The activity was hosted by Treasure Island (http://www.treasureislandhk.com/), a leading outdoor education and recreation centre, in coordination with the Consulate General of Mexico in Hong Kong and the local Mexican Chamber of Commerce. It was supported by WWF Hong Kong. Award-winning Moonzen Brewery also provided support to this initiative.


Participants helped paint a large mural facing the beach with a design by Mexican artist Jaime Ruiz Martínez. Hong Kong artist Marc Allante led the group. The image highlights the efforts to save two critically endangered marine species that are endemic to Mexico: the vaquita marina porpoise and the totoaba fish. Totoaba is illegally fished in Mexico because of the demand for its maw in the south China region. The vaquita entangle in illegal gillnets and ghost nets.


Adults and children also took part in a beach clean-up and other activities, as well as on presentations on local and global issues related to the marine environment. Thanks to WWF Hong Kong, the documentary “A Plastic Ocean”, from director Craig Leeson, was screened.


In parallel to Saturday’s event, members of the South Lantau Paddle Club removed ghost nets in the nearby shore. Hundreds of kilometres of fishing nets are abandoned by humans in the ocean every year, killing animals for decades before they disintegrate.




“Conservation Day @ The Beach is a very significant event for the Consulate General of Mexico. The protection of marine ecosystems requires effective global action, and this can only be achieved through closer dialogue and cooperation between governments, businesses, NGOs and individuals.”

•             Damián Martínez Tagüeña, Consul General of México in Hong Kong


“The marine litter problem is a serious threat to the global oceans. Through this meaningful event, we do not only clean up the trash on beach here, but hope to change behaviour of the participants to reduce single-use plastics in their daily life, and spread the message to the wider community.”

•             Patrick Yeung, Project Manager, Oceans Conservation, WWF-Hong Kong



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來自不同界別的人士參與了526日(星期六)在香港貝澳泳灘舉行的海洋保育日(Conservation Day @ The Beach )。


這個非牟利活動由頂尖外教育及康樂中心Treasure Island (http://www.treasureislandhk.com/)、墨西哥駐港總領事館及墨西哥總商會共同舉行,得到世界自然基金會(香港)及獲獎釀酒廠Moonzen Brewery的支持,目的是讓公眾更明白保育海洋的重要性,以及反思個人在防止染、推廣可持續捕魚及維護生物多樣性中扮演的角色。


在香港藝術家Marc Allante帶領下,參與者在泳灘繪畫由墨西哥藝術家Jaime Ruiz Martinez設計的壁畫,希望以筆及塗料喚起人們對加灣鼠海豚及加灣石首魚的關注,把牠們從種的邊緣拉過來。牠們同是墨西哥獨有的瀕臨種海洋生物,兩者正面臨嚴峻的挑戰。由於南中國地區對石首魚的魚膘(即是俗稱「花膠」)需求很大,導致石首魚被非法捕獵,亦使加灣鼠海豚經常被纏在非法放置的流刺網及鬼網中,窒息而死。


此外,參與者一家大小也共同清潔沙灘和參與其他活動,包括探討本地及全球海洋議題的簡報會。我們在此衷心感謝世界自然基金會(香港)借出由Craig Leeson先生執導的紀錄片《塑膠海洋》作放映用途。


在同一時間,南大嶼山龍槳會(South Lantau Paddle Club )的成員在附近的海岸移除鬼網。數十年來,人們每年在海洋也會遺下魚網,殘害不少海洋生物,情況得關注,拯救工作刻不容緩。




Conservation Day @ The Beach對於墨西哥駐港總領事館來說,實在是意義非凡。想保護好海洋生態系統,就需要採取有效的全球共同計劃。然而,若想計劃得到成效,政府、商家、非牟利組織及市民就需更緊密交流及合作。」

•           墨西哥駐港總領事館總領事馬德明(Mr. Damián Martínez Tagüeña



•           楊松頴,世界自然基金會香港分會項目經理(海洋保育)



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