Household Inventory Certificate


**Applicants are required to apply and proceed IN PERSON.

**Make an appointment online at    (Choose Country: China, Office: Hong Kong).



·         Letter addressed to the Consulate General of Mexico in Hong Kong, requesting the Household permit and stating: a) foreign address, b) address in Mexico, c) time living abroad. (Please bring 4 signed original letters).


·         Passport and photocopy.

·         Present Resident Visa or Resident Card (original and 1 copy).

·         One passport size photo, no glasses.

·         List of household goods. It must be in Spanish and typed (four signed originals in all pages).


·         Consular fee (HKD$987)




You may import your household goods as a family only once and only if the following requirements are met:

·         Furniture and used clothing/linens only


·         Major electronic appliances cannot be duplicate (refrigerator, stove, etc.)


·         The household goods must correspond to the number of family members.


  •           No new electric/electronic appliances may be included.

  •     Neither food nor beverages are considered household goods.

  •            Do not include firearms.

  •           A motor vehicle is not considered a household good.

  •    The import of household goods of Temporary Resident and Temporary Student is temporary and only for the period that your immigration card remains valid. You must maintain your immigration status updated in Mexico and notify the customs authorities in case of change of address while in Mexico. You must also bring back your household goods when returning to your country.


This household certificate allows you to bring into Mexico your household goods only when these items are imported no later than six months after your first entry.


Mexican customs will require a copy of your immigration Form (FMM stamped by the Mexican immigration authorities) or your Temporary or Permanent Mexican Resident Card.


 Please bear in mind the following:

·         All electronic/electric appliances are to be fully described, including brand, model, and serial number.

·         Large furniture must be carefully described.

·         Smaller articles should be listed generally in its boxes, example:

o    2 large boxes of shoes

o    6 large boxes of clothes

o    2 medium size boxes of linen


* Please leave a space at bottom of each page for official stamping

Please arrive to your appointment 5 minutes before your assigned time slot.

Processing time: Next working day.


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