Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why should I study in Mexico?

Mexico is a country rich in history, tradition and culture. It has a well-established education system with more than 50 universities currently ranking in Latin America’s top 300 universities. It’s also worth noticing that Mexican gastronomy is inscribed on the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. If you’re a food lover, then you shouldn’t miss Mexico!


2. Do I need a visa to study in Mexico?

Yes or no, depending on the duration of your stay and which passport you’re holding. However, if you hold a Hong Kong SAR passport and plan to study in Mexico for less than 3 months, then you don’t have to apply for visa. Please check out our website about the requirements of applying student visa for further detail:


3. Do I have to know Spanish to study in Mexico?

Not necessarily. Some subjects are taught in English also at some universities also. We suggest you compare catalogs of different universities and choose a program that best suits you. On another note, it’ll be great also if you plan to study Spanish in Mexico. Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world and that many schools have been offering Spanish courses to foreign students, for which you’re given tons of opportunities to learn and practice Spanish there!


4. What should I never miss in Mexico?

Mexico has more than 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with rich biodiversity, well-known cuisine, unique handicrafts and festivals and customs which will interest you. You can check out the website of the Mexican Tourism Board to know more about what you can do and places you can visit in Mexico:


5. What’s the cost of living in Mexico?

As an estimation for the cost of living in Mexico City, this is an excerpt of the retail prices indices relating to living expenditures, published by the United Nations International Civil Service Commission, where living costs in New York City are considered the base for comparison. We include a couple of cities in the region by way of illustration.



Country or area

Duty Station

National currency per US$




Per US$



Excluding housing (rent, utilities, domestic service)


Mexico City


Mexican peso



China, Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong SAR


Hong Kong dollar






Singapore dollar






Yuan renminbi



New York City=100. Date of the index: October 2016


Source: Retail price indices relating to living expenditures of United Nations officials. International Civil Service Commission (ICSC), New York, ICSC database. October, 2016.  


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