Permanent and Temporary Residents of Mexico have the right to import their household goods duty-free once within a period of no more than six months after the date of their formal entrance to Mexico.
Household effects are defined as those items that constitute the furnishings of a house and are exclusively for use, on their daily needs, by a person or family. This includes clothes, bedding, books, works of art and scientific materials (as long as they are not part of a collection for expositions or art galleries). All of the items must have been purchased at least 6 months before moving








  1. 1. Application form (click here)

  2. 2. Passport (original and 4 photocopies of the page with your personal details and photograph).

    • Must Have a minimum validity of six months

    • Must not be frayed, torn or altered

  3. 3. Mexican Visa: Temporary or Permanent Residence (original and 4 photocopies) OR

  4. 4. Mexican Residence Card: Temporary or Permanent Residence (original and 4 photocopies)

  5. 5. House Hold Goods Inventory (click here) (4 sets and must be signed by the applicant)



  1. 1. The name of the applicant stated on the application form and inventory must appear as it is stated on the Passport, Mexican Visa or Resident Card

  2. 2. When filling out the application form and inventory please complete all the required fields in blue and sign all the documents.

  3. 3. For the inventory please include a detailed description and quantity of the goods. For example:

    • 2x Small boxes of clothes

    • 4x Large boxes of linens

    • 1x Box of plates

  4. 4. For any electronics or appliances you must include the brand, model and serial number. For example:

    • 1 Gaming Console: Microsoft, Xbox ONE, XQWE123524XXXX

    • 1 TV 42”: Sony, Triton Series, QWEW135432XXXXX



Please note that the inventory must be in Spanish  The fee for the temporary import of household goods is $127.00 USD