This type of visa is for you if:

  • You are traveling to study in Mexico
  • You don´t have a work authorization


  • Apply at this Consulate in person
  • Fill out the Application form, English or Spanish.
  • One photo passport size (size 1.5 x 1.3/4 inches), in color, no glasses
  • Valid passport in original and one photocopy of the pages containing personal information, photograph of bearer and expiration date/extensions
  • Valid US visa for multiple entries; at least with 3 months of validity at the time of your filing and one photocopyValid I-94 in original and one photocopy
  • Original Acceptance letter from the School/Institution/University must include:

Applicant’s full name

Family name and given name as shown at the national passport

Level of Study/Degree

Specifying degree or type of diploma

Field/program of study

General academic or subject areas

Name of Program/Studies/Course

Specific name of the course/program or studies Exchange program, Internship, etc

Length of program

Date a program begins and date of completion

Tuition fee

Total fees required, including tuition and homestay if applicable

Full Name of the Institution and additional information

The letter must include name of the institution, institution´s mailing address, telephone, fax number, e-mail, Web site, and name of contact


The letter must be issued with letterhead; address and signature in ink of institution Representative

  • Economic Solvency
  • Last twelve months of Bank Statements, last twelve months of international credit cards statements probing to have a permanent income for at least $ 727.00 US dollars or a letter proving to have a scholarship or other financial assistance.
  • Sponsor by parents or legal guardian (for students under 25 years old):
  • Original Letter from parents stating that they will be sending their son or daughter the amount of, at least $727.00.00 US dollars per month, besides tuition (Affidavit of support)
  • ID copy of parents (valid passports) and Applicant’s birth certificate (original and copy)
  • Other proof of economic solvency, including last three months of Bank Statements, last three months of international credit cards statements, and Employment Letter stating position and salary per month, proving to have a permanent monthly income for at least 727.00 US dollars
  • Payment or Consular fee (see fee tab) (only cash or money order)