Visa for visitors with authorization for lucrative activities

If the purpose of entering into Mexico is working there and you will receive a salary or payment (lucrative activities), you will have to apply for a prior authorization to the National Immigration Institute in Mexico. In that case, you will receive an authorization number (NUT number).

As soon as the NUT authorization has been issued you must be in contact with this Consulate in order to schedule one appointment and to process a visa. Once you make the appointment you only will have 10 days for the interview and the issuance of your visa.


  • Apply at this Consulate General in person
  • Fill out the Application form, English or Spanish.
  • Valid passport in original and one photocopy of the pages containing personal information, photograph of bearer and expiration date/extensions
  • Valid US visa for multiple entries and one photocopy
  • Valid I-94 and/or I-20 or J-1 or I-797A Form in original and one photocopy
  • One photo passport size (size 1.5 x 1.3/4 inches), in color, no glasses
  • Proof of address in USA (leasing, bills with magnetic band issued by US Postal Service, etc)
  • Signed Letter addressed to the Consulate of Mexico in Little Rock, of the company/institution or organization that is offering the job with applicant’s full name, salary that will be received, location of the activities of the job describing the position offered and the activities that the applicant will be conducting.