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Notarial Services


Appointments are required for notarial services.  Appointments are available to Mexican citizens and foreign nationals doing business with Mexican citizens, corporations and/or government institutions. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  We are closed on US holidays and the 16th of September. 

Government-issued photo identification with signature (e.g., a passport, a driver's license, a voter registration card, etc.) is required. If you do not speak Spanish you must bring your own translator, who should present an identification. 



A power of attorney allows you to designate someone to take legal actions in Mexico on your behalf.  A common example of this is empowering someone else to buy or sell property, open a bank account in your name, or represent you legally in Mexico while you are overseas. 

If you are a Mexican citizen and have an estate in Mexico we can help you to write your last will and testament which is a legal document that dictates what happens to your estate once you pass away.

Other than the Mexican Embassy and Consulates, there are no other authorized Mexican Notaries Public in the United States.

Making an Appointment 

To request a power of attorney or a last will and testament and before coming to the Consulate, you will need to submit via e-mail or fax (786-268-4903) the application form (hyperlink a solicitud de actos notariales) and copy of your Government-issued photo identification with signature.  

If you are married or divorced and are planning on selling a property you will also need to send a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce sentence.  Depending on your marital status your spouse could also be required to sign the power of attorney (if applicable, a copy of his/her photo ID is also required). 

It is highly recommended to send along with the application a readable copy of the documents that will be needed to prepare the power of attorney (e.g. property documents of a house, land or vehicle, etc.) 

Once we review the documents and depending on the case, we might ask you to provide additional information or documents. 

Appointments for notarial services are on a first come first served basis.  Due to high demand, it might take up to 3 weeks before an appointment is scheduled.  ONLY if you have a family or medical emergency please let us know to see if you qualify for an expedite service.  Travel plans or business meetings do not qualify as an emergency. 

Once the appointment is scheduled you will be required to send, via certified mail, a money order payable to: 

Consulado General de México en Miami
1399 SW 1st Avenue
Miami, FL, 33130



Complete fee information for notary services is available here


Authenticate United States Documents for use in Mexico

How to obtain an Apostille in the United States to authenticate documents for use in Mexico.  More information


Authenticate Mexican Documents for use in the United States

How to obtain an Apostille in Mexico for use in the United States. More information


Certification of True Copies of Documents

Occasionally, we get requests to certify true copies of educational transcripts or diplomas, bank statements, court documents, or other such official records. Unfortunately, our offices cannot ordinarily provide certified true copies of documents.  Such requests should usually be addressed to the office which issued the document in question.  For example, certified true copies of academic records should be requested from the registrar of the institution that originally issued them.


Certified Photocopy

The Consulate General of Mexico can provide only certified copies of Mexican birth certificates.


Frequently Asked Questions

Notary services

• What notarial services do you provide?

Consular officers perform most services customarily provided by Notaries Public in Mexico.

• Does the Embassy/Consulate provide notary services to foreign nationals or only to Mexican Citizens?

They are provided to either Mexican, U.S. Citizens or other foreign nationals who need to have documents notarized for use in Mexico.

• Can you notarize my Medallion Signature Guarantee?

Documents that require a “Medallion Signature Guarantee” for transfer of securities cannot be notarized at the Consulate General of Mexico. Please check with your financial institution for instructions.

• Can my friend notarize my document for me?

No, the individual who will sign the document must appear in person for this service.



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Phone: (786)-268-4900 ext. 4908




Requisitos y Solicitud de Poder Notarial-Persona Física Descargar / Download
Requisitos y Solicitud para Revocar un Poder Notarial de Persona Física Descargar / Download
Requisitos y Solicitud de Poder Notarial-Persona Moral Descargar / Download
Requisitos y Solicitud para Revocar un Poder Notarial de Persona Moral Call 786 268 4915
Requisitos y Solicitud de Testamento Descargar / Download
Requisitos y Solicitud de Repudio de Derechos Hereditarios Descargar / Download
Requisitos y Solicitud el Convenio de Ejercicio de la Patria Potestad Descargar / Download
*Declaratoria de Nacionalidad Mexicana por Nacimiento Descargar / Download
*Requisitos para obtener la declaratoria de nacionalidad
mexicana por nacimiento.
Descargar / Download
*Como obtener copia legalizada traducida al español y apostillada
del certificado de naturalización estadounidense.
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Los derechos podrán ser cubiertos en efectivo, money order y tarjeta de débito/crédito.




Poderes Generales o Especiales por Persona Física $ 115.00
Poderes Generales o Especiales por Persona Moral $ 173.00
Renuncia Derechos Hereditarios $ 115.00
Subsecuentes Testimonios por hoja $      7.00
Testamento Público Abierto $ 294.00
Testamento Ológrafo $ 147.00
Testamento Público Cerrado $   40.00
Autorización Patria Potestad $   44.00
Cotejo de Documentos $   13.00
Certificaciones $   13.00
Declaración de Nacionalidad Mexicana $   15.00