Avisos Importantes

Temporary Import Permit for Equipment

In order to obtain a Temporary Import Permit for Equipment it is necessary to submit original letter from the company or employer of the individual responsible for the equipment, requesting the permit and complying with the following:

ORIGINAL letter of the company addressed to the Consulate General of Mexico in Miami. This letter must bear a letterhead from the company where the name, address and telephone number appear and that indicates:

a) Declare purpose of the trip.
b) State the location where the equipment will be used.
c) List the names of the individuals responsible for the equipment.
d) Include the company representative's signature (Person requesting the permit.) Please note it may not be the same as that responsible for the equipment, nor the person transporting the equipment.
e) The letter must indicate expressly that the articles will not remain in Mexican territory.


In addition, the following must accompany the letter: 

• A detailed list of the equipment (brand, model and/or serial number) and should all be printed in company letterhead, with one photocopy.
• One passport photocopy for the individual responsible for the equipment, as well as his/her Mexican Tourist Visa (if needed because of his/her nationality) or copy of the American visa or US Permanent Resident Card.

All documentation is delivered in original.

Please note that all "Temporary Equipment Import Permits" are delivered the day after receipt (24 hours later).

Below an Example of this Letter (please check out): 

Format Temporary Import Permit for Equipment.