Arizona Center for Law and Society, 18 de agosto de 2016. 


It is a distinct honour for me, and a serious responsibility, to represent the Government of Mexico.  Arizona is a very important neighbor, just as Mexico is key to Arizona’s prosperity:


·       Over 111 thousand jobs in Arizona depend on trade with Mexico, and trade translates into better-paid jobs for both of us.


·       Over 90% of bilateral trade is by land, so that well managed, well staffed and world class border infrastructure is important to both of us.


·       Mexican visitors represent 70% of tourists visiting Arizona every year,


·       And visitors along the border spend as much as 7.3 million dollars every day, sustaining almost 24,000 direct jobs in Arizona.


But beyond trade and business, our mutual interdependence spans practically all fields, including education and labor mobility along our common border. 



Furthermore, Mexico and Arizona together, constitute a solid foundation for North American prosperity. 


To paraphrase the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Claudia Ruiz-Massieu, we live in a world where no country can face alone the major economic challenges of the century; competition is such that markets, innovation, and talent are essential drivers of success. 


I am sure that you will agree that there is plenty of talent in Mexico and Arizona:  together we do constitute a powerful, growing market, and through education and the right conditions for entrepreneurship, we will achieve innovation, so that opportunities for joint success will emerge.   Arizona has to value Mexico, and Mexico has to value Arizona.



And because I know that you agree, I would like to ask for your support in sharing with your fellow officials, legislators, academic colleagues, community members and even your next door neighbours:   how important Mexico is to you and to Arizona


I am sure that with your help, Arizonians´ perspective about Mexico and Mexicans will be enriched.  Most importantly for all of us, I ask for your support to inform those who have the responsibility of leadership here in Arizona and in the United States of America, because their decisions do impact bilateral relations and ultimately human beings on both sides of the border.    



Amigas y Amigos,


As many of you know, in US-Mexico relations, one often refers to the “contribution” of the Mexican community to the United States.  However, in the case of Arizona, the Mexican-American community is more than a contributor: it is truly a building block of this proud state, a state of immigrants.


After our initial meeting, it is abundantly clear to me that we can count on Governor Doug Ducey’s political will to further relations between Arizona and Mexico


Here in Phoenix, I look forward to working with Mayor Greg Stanton, a champion of the increasingly prosperous Mexican-American and Hispanic community, to provide more opportunities for youth, to further preventive healthcare, to empower women, and to strengthen collaboration with law enforcement, for the benefit of all communities


Mexico and Arizona are building a brighter future for our citizens, based on shared interests and mutual respect.  The Consulate General of Mexico will continue to serve Mexicans, by reinforcing our partnerships with local organizations, and by contributing in any way we can to State and municipal objectives, again, for the benefit of the community.