Redefining the relation for prosperity in North America. 


Where:   Deutz Room, Institute of the Americas
When:   September 18th, 2916:30 a 18:00  (Adjacent to Mexican National Day site)
Chairs:   Ambassador Marcela Celorio, Consul General and Rafael Fernández de Castro, Director, Center of Studies Mexico-United States , UCSD.
















Susana Chacon- Professor at Evidence in Governance and Politics Graduate Programme, and at the Business School of the Tecnológico de Monterrey University in Mexico City, editorialist of the Mexican newspaper “El Universal” and a member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences. (Summer Seminar 1991)

Luz Maria de la Mora- Luz Maria de la Mora is the Country Director for WEConnect International in Mexico. She is also the Managing Director and Founder of LMM Consulting, a partner of WEConnect International.

Gustavo Mohar- Gustavo Mohar is the founder and director general of Grupo Atalaya, a private consultancy specializing in nontechnical risk and strategic intelligence.He served as undersecretary for migration, population, and religious affairs at the Interior Ministry (Ministry of Government) in Mexico until December of 2012. He also served as director for international affairs and deputy director at the Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN).