Temporary Resident Visa


If you are going to LIVE in México, work in the USA and you will receive your income from the US Company, you must apply for a visa as a “Temporary Resident”.


  1. Application for Mexican Visa https://consulmex2.sre.gob.mx/sandiego/images/PDFs/Solicitudes/Visa-Ingles.pdf
  1. Passport (book passport) original and one copy from the first, last and all pages in which you have visas or stamps).
  1. If you are not a United States citizen, you must present a US alien permanent resident card (green card) or a valid visa from either Canada, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and/or Northern Ireland valid visa (original and one copy).
  1. One passport size picture front view white background (without glasses).

5.    Original Letter typed addressed to the Consulate General of Mexico specifying the purpose of your entry in Mexico. The letter should include your request to have Temporary Resident Visa, date of travel and port of entry, address in United State and/or Mexico. (original)

6.     Proof of Employment (US Company):

a)    Original letterhead typed sheet from the US company/organization/association which must be addressed to the  Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego specifying the following:

-         Applicant´s full name and nationality.

-         Activity, length of time working there and monthly income perceived by applicant.

-         Specify commitment of shared responsibility with the applicant

-         Registration number, business activity, physical address and complete name and contact information of the company/organization/association.

b)    Copy of valid official ID of the person who signed the invitation letter (with photo, name and signature).

c)    Active Secretary of State Registration, printed recently and Current City Business License (copy).

  1. Original and a photocopy of financial records (last six months of bank statements - the complete statement month by month) which reflect monthly income and salary with minimum balance of $1220.00 us dollars at the end of the month; last six months of pay stubs; you can also submit official documents proving the ownership of a property/company/business and one photocopy. If you have Investments, you can present the last twelve months of financial institution statements (the complete statement month by month) showing at least $20,200 US dollars at the end of each month. Economic Dependent (immediate family members): If the person also applies for the visa, the minimum income required will be the equivalent of 25% additional per month for each member. The income required may consist of rents, pensions or income from interest or cash deposits in banking institutions, which can be proved with bank statements or a letter from a bank or government office from where the applicant receives his income, informing the monthly amount that he receives. Note: If the documents are from outside of the United States, you must present the original apostilled or legalized and translated into Spanish by an official translator) original and one copy.
  2. Pay $36.00 US dollars. For security reasons we don’t accept 100 dollar bills. (We accept cash, Money Order, Master Card, Visa or Discover).

Take into consideration that your visit to the Consulate does not guarantee the issuance of the visa and that the expedition of the same is subject to the result of the consular interview. It is recommended that airplane tickets are not purchased until you obtain your visa. The Mexican visa gives you the possibility of travelling to the country. The entry into the national territory will depend on Mexican immigration authorities at the port of entry.

Once you have all the requirements, you must book appointment at http://visa-appt.consulmexsd.org (appointment per person). In some cases, we may request additional documentation

The day of your appointment, your documents will be revised. If approved, you will be given a second appointment for the interview where you will get your Passport stamped with your new visa. It’s important to mention that if you do not speak English and/or Spanish, you must be accompanied by interpreter.