Posicionamientos Arizona


05-25-09 Arizona - US Supreme Court Rules on English Language Learner Case, Horne vs. Flores.

04-23-10 Statement by Governor Brewer.

04-30-10 Statement by Governor Brewer.

05-06-10 Charles Schumer Letter.

05-18-10 Governor Jan Brewer Releases Border Security Enhancement Program Guidance

05-20-10 Border Aircraft Proposal Letter to President Obama

05-20-10 Border Security Enhancement Program.

05-25-10 Brewer Appoints Bouma to Defend Immigration Laws.

05-25-10 John Bouma - Chairman of Snell Wilmer.

05-26-10 Establishing Governor's Border Security & Immigration Legal Defense Fund.

05-28-10 Statement by Governor Jan Brewer

06-03-10 Response Letter to Senator Schumer.

06-11-10 Roberto Javier Frisancho vs. Brewer.

06-11-10 Governor Brewers Motion to Dismiss Salgado.

06-11-10 Statement - Immigration Lawsuit Filigns.

06-14-10 Letter to Attorney General.

06-14-10 SB 1070 Letter Attachment.

06-17-10 Gov Brewer Response to Clinton Announcement.

06-18-10 Brewer-Clinton - Statement by Governor Jan Brewer.

06-22-10 Civil rights - Statement by Governor Brewer.

06-22-10 Respuesta Gobernadora Brewer - SB1070 - Amicus Curiae.

06-23-10 Letter to President Obama

06-23-10 Statement by Governor Jan Brewer - Escobar v Brewer.

06-25-10 Drug and Crime Activity - Statement by Governor Brewer.

07-06-10 Statement by Governor Brewer.

07-19-10 Governor Brewer Awards Border Security Enhancement Grants.

07-20-10 Brewer Requests Court to Reject Obama Challenge to Az Law.

07-20-10 US v Az - Defendants Response to Plaintiffs Motion for Pi..

07-28-10 Respuesta a Decisión Jueza Susan Bolton.

09-13-10 Statement by Governor Jan Brewer - League Motion to Dismiss

10-05-10 Governor Jan Brewer Objects to Foreign Government Engagement in SB 1070 Lawsuit

02-10-11 Arizona Files Suit Against Federal Government Over Failure to Secure the Border, Protect Our Citizens

04-11-11 Joint Statement By Governor Jan Brewer And Attorney General Tom Horne Re: Monday’s Ninth U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals  Decision On SB 1070

04-22-11 Statement by Governor Jan Brewer on the 1-Year Anniversary of SB 1070

04-23-11 Statement from Governor Jan Brewer  New Poll Shows Public Firmly Behind Arizona on SB 1070

04-30-11 Statement by Governor Brewer

05-09-11 Governor Jan Brewer to Petition United States Supreme Court to Lift Injunction on SB 1070

06-06-11 Governor Jan Brewer Selects Attorney Paul Clement as Lead Counsel for SB 1070 Petition to U.S. Supreme Court

06-14-11 Governor Jan Brewer, Attorney General Horne File Response to Feds’ Motion to Dismiss Border Security Suit

08-10-11 Governor Jan Brewer Calls Upon U.S. Supreme Court to Grant Review and Hear SB 1070 Appeal

10-21-11 Statement by Governor Jan Brewer Dismissal of Immigration Counterclaim

11-22-11 Governor Jan Brewer Files Arizona’s Reply in SB 1070 Litigation

12-01-11 Governor Brewer Applauds Appeals Court for Affirming Dismissal of Escobar Challenge to SB 1070

12-12-11 Ag Tom Horne Statement Regarding U.S. Supreme Court Intent To Decide S.B. 1070

12-12-11 Statement by Governor Jan Brewer U.S. Supreme Court to Hear SB 1070

02-06-12 Governor Brewer Files SB 1070 Brief with U.S. Supreme Court  State of Arizona to Defend Immigration Law in Oral Argument April 25, 2012

02-29-12 Statement by Governor Jan Brewer  U.S. District Court’s Ruling Misguided on SB 1070

03-29-12 Statement from Governor Jan Brewer  Opposition to SB 1070 by California, Other States

04-25-12 Attorney General Tom Horne Statement On Supreme Court S.B. 1070 Hearing

04-25-12 Statement by Governor Brewer  U.S. Supreme Court Hears SB 1070 Arguments

06-12-12 Executived Order Continued Law Enforcement Training for Immigration Laws

06-25-12 U.S. Supreme Court Decision Upholds Heart of SB 1070

06-25-12 President Obama Once Again Abandons Citizens of Arizona