Verónica Richards was born in Mexico City and now lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

She is the daughter of Mexican parents and studied a degree in Marketing at the university Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM).

In 1995, she founded the company CALLS, S.A. de C.V. in Mexico with her husband. CALLS is a contact centre that provides services to organizations, mainly to create new business opportunities; i.e. connecting their customers with other potential customers.

In 2010, her company began offering services to other countries in Latin America and signed agreements with business partners in Spain and the UK. Its clients include international businesses and industry leaders, especially in information technologies, education and consumer goods.


What is WW Calls Canada?

In 2015, we were invited by the Canadian Embassy in Mexico to invest in Ontario and in June 2016 we opened our WW Calls Canada offices.

WW Calls Canada is a company that is supported by the infrastructure of our Mexican contact centre to serve Canadian companies interested in reaching the Mexican and Latin American markets. We connect them with potential customers and/or business partners and we advise them so that they can get to know the market, so they can invest, and so that they can find success.

We also support Mexican and Latin American companies that want to break into the Canadian market, ensuring that their product or service has a place in the market, and we connect them to potential customers; in this way, we make sure before they invest that their expansion will be successful.


What has your experience been like as an immigrant and a business leader in Canada?

It has been a very enriching experience and an opportunity for professional growth. The more than 20 years of experience I had in my country wasn’t valid for the Canadian market; we had to reinvent ourselves and start over, demonstrating our talent through our dedication and professionalism.

Now Canadian companies have opened their doors to us and trust in us. We work hard to put Mexico on the map in each project that we undertake.

I should mention that since I arrived, I’ve received support from associations like EXATEC Ontario, the unconditional support of ProMéxico and the Consulate General of Mexico in Toronto. My first opportunity to introduce myself to Canadian business leaders and engage in my first negotiations was through the Mexico Business Club.


What advice can you share with other entrepreneurs?

Canada is a wonderful country to live in. It’s important to be fully prepared to deal with a multicultural market, but there are companies like ours that can support you so that your projects are successful in this country. Canada is the land of opportunities; all you have to do is be open to receiving them and believe in the talent and potential that we Mexicans have.


What projects do you have for 2018?

I’m working on a lot of projects for Mexico that will promote growth in Canadian investments in our country, and also for Canada.

I’m also working with several countries in the Pacific Alliance, particularly with the Consulates General of Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru, and on other projects with the Hamilton and Toronto Economic Development Agencies.


Source: Lattin Magazine interview

Photos by Juan Gavasa & Julio Rivas