Mexican chef Olivier Le Calvez, from the El Catrín Restaurant in Toronto, took part in the festivities organized by the Habourfront Centre for the 20th anniversary of the Hot & Spicy Food Festival, which took place from September 1 to 4, 2017.

This year’s edition reflected the influence of international cuisine in Canada’s culinary arts. The presentation was curated by twenty prestigious Ontario chefs, including Roger Mooking, Nicole Gomes, Elías Salazar, and the sisters Marida and Narida Mohammed, along with Le Calvez and fellow Mexican Paola Solórzano.

El Catrín has become one of the most successful Mexican restaurants in Canada, with one of the country’s most widely recognized chefs. The culinary presentation by Chef Le Calvez caught the attention of more than 150 attendees, including restaurant owners, media representatives and members of the Latino and Canadian communities.

The cultural program featured at the food festival included performances of jazz and blues music, children’s cooking contests and food stands with traditional Canadian food and dishes fusing culinary traditions from other countries, highlighting Ontario’s multicultural character.