On November 15, the Consul General Porfirio Thierry Muñoz Ledo participated in the panel “NAFTA Negotiations: What it Means for the Energy Sector and Canadian Economy” at the annual CEA meeting.

The panel on the NAFTA negotiations and their implications for the energy sector included Canada’s chief NAFTA negotiator, Steve Verheul, former US ambassador to Canada Gord Giffin, and the Consul General of Mexico to Toronto.

CEA Executive Director Francis Bradley opened the association's annual meeting. The President and CEO of the association, Sergio Marchi, offered an introduction to the panel topic, highlighting the challenges being faced in the trade negotiations under way in the current political context.

In his talk, the Consul General Muñoz Ledo pointed out that greater integration between the power grids of the three countries would offer additional economic benefits and contribute to the construction of a more modern and sustainable infrastructure in the region.