The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, led the 29th Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls, held from January 9 to 11, 2017, in Mexico City.

This meeting brings together the heads of diplomatic and consular offices of Mexico around the world with the main purpose of defining the Mexican government's directives in matters of foreign policy for the upcoming year and the priorities that should be adopted to continue positioning Mexico as an actor with global responsibility.

At the National Palace in Mexico City, President Peña Nieto declared that "a country’s greatness is measured by the wellbeing of its people and the value of its contributions to the world." He added that Mexico, as an actor on the global stage, is responsible for promoting solutions of mutual benefit and not assuming unilateral or irreconcilable positions; for defending the national interest without seeking to harm other nations; and for generating wealth at home while promoting regional and global prosperity.

The President noted that 2017 had been a redefining moment in Mexico’s relations with its regional environment and that North America, with its enormous potential for shared prosperity and global competitiveness, is undergoing a process of change. On this point, he remarked that Mexico is in a stage of dialogue and negotiation with Canada and the United States, countries with which it has a multi-dimensional, complex and strategic relationship.

He also asserted that the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement would be a central foreign policy issue in 2018 and expressed optimism about the possibility of reaching an agreement that would benefit all three member nations.

He also stressed that Mexico’s relationship with Canada has become one of its soundest, and that we should continue to expand political and business dialogue to promote geo-strategic, economic and commercial value.    

Source: Press Office—Presidency