Visa due to theft, loss or destruction of temporary or permanent resident cards

Foreigners who experience the theft, loss or destruction of their temporary or permanent residence card while abroad, must file a Request for Replacement at the closest Mexican Embassy or Consulate. Issuance of this visa will depend on the authorization of the National Migration Institute.

To initiate the request, the foreigner must appear in person at the consular office with the following documents:

  • Visa application form printed on one page, double-sided, properly completed and signed.
  • Valid passport or travel and identity document, original and a photocopy of the page containing the photograph and personal data.
  • One photograph measuring 3.9 cm x 3.1 cm, face uncovered, no eyeglasses, frontal view, in colour, with white background.
  • Original and a photocopy of the report filed with the competent authority in the location where the theft, loss or destruction of the temporary or permanent resident card occurred.
  • Original temporary or permanent resident card, in the case of partial destruction.

The consular office will request that the National Migration Institute authorize the issuance of a new visa. Once this authorization has been granted, the interested party can make an appointment at the consular office to obtain the visa, after paying the fees in cash for the issuance of the document.

Important Notes:

The visa may be used for one single entry and only during the period of validity that begins on the date of its issuance.

The foreigner must, within the first 30 days after entering Mexican territory, apply at the National Migration Institute (INM) for a replacement of the card accrediting the foreigner’s migratory status and enabling him/her to remain in Mexico.

Fees for replacement of the card accrediting migratory status are to be paid directly to the INM.