Visa Application Fee Terms and Conditions:

  • $36.00 USD Visa Application fee payment is required in order to be submitted. 
  • Documentation application process does not guarantee admission. No refunds.
  • Non-refundable—Department of Foreign Affairs does not issue Visa Application fee refunds. 
  • Non-transferable—The Visa Application fees cannot be resold or transferred to another applicant.
  • Valid for only one application—The Visa Application fee may be used to complete only one application. If the Visa application is denied, a new visa application and fee will need to be completed to apply again.

All foreigners who hold their valid passport along with a valid U.S. Visa and wish to travel to Mexico on transit or for tourism or business, do not require a Mexican Visa if they arrive from a United States inbound flight.

Permanent Residents of the US, Canada, Japan, Great Britain the Schengen Space and/or holder of ABTC cards issued by APEC,  are neither required to have Mexican Visas for the purposes listed above. Valid passport and proof of residency in such countries must be shown at the port of entry.


It’s the document issued by a Mexican Consulate that deems its holder eligible to request permission to enter Mexico for a set period of time and activity. Hence, the possession of a Mexican visa does no guarantee admission into the country. Granting entrance is an exclusive faculty of Migration Officers at the ports of entry.


Depending on the applicant’s intent in national territory, a visa under any of the following categories might be issued:

1.  Temporary Resident Visa for stays exceeding 180 days and up to 4 years.

2.  Permanent Resident Visa for the purpose of permanent residence.

3.  Non-Ordinary Visa for diplomats and official representatives.

* * * For application requirements & appoinment please 1-877-639-4835 (1-877-MEXITEL) . 

* * * Download the Application Form here.




If you are granted a Mexican visa you will be able to travel to Mexico. It does not guarantee entry to the country.

At the point of entry, Mexican immigration authorities may ask you some questions to confirm the reasons you are traveling, the length of your stay in Mexico and how you are financing your trip. The following questions are few examples of what you may be asked:

Why are you traveling to Mexico? What activities will you be engaging in?

Where are you staying?

Do you have any acquaintances in the country?

How will you cover your expenses?

How long will you be staying in Mexico?

If you are on a work visa, who or what company is hiring you? What activities will you be engaging in within the company?

If you are on a student visa, what program are you enrolled in? Which is the host institution?

How will you leave the country?

As in all countries, Mexican immigration authorities will verify the authenticity of all the documents you present and the truthfulness of the information you provide. They will also confirm that no outright restriction exists.

The reasons for your trip must match your visa type.

Everyone visiting or living in Mexico has rights which must be respected.

Foreigners have the right to contact their embassy or consulate.

In accordance with article 60 of the Reglamento de la Ley de Migración. Published at the Diario Oficial de la Federación on September 28, 2012.

Available, in Spanish, at:  Ver Reglamento de la Ley de Migración...