Services to non mexican

Tourists Visiting Mexico U.S. citizens do not need a visa to travel to Mexico as tourists. However, they need to show on of the following documents at the airport or port of entry into Mexico: 

Valid U.S. Passport 

Certified copy of Birth Certificate and an official photo ID (i.e. drivers license) 

Voters Registration Card and an official photo ID (i.e. drivers license) 

Certificate of naturalization (no photocopy) and an official ID (i.e. drivers license) None other documents will be accepted as proof of US citizenship. 

Applicants must fill out a Tourist Permit (FMT) which can be obtained at the airline or port of entry to Mexico. 

Non U.S. citizens must show their valid passport and their valid permanent resident alien card (greencard) and fill out the Tourist Permit (FMT).


All other nationalities and activities not mentioned in this note, please call our Documentation Department at (928) 343 0066 or to our Call Center 24/7 at 1-887-632-66-78.




Starting May 1st, 2010, access will be granted in every single entry point to Mexico to all of those foreigners (regardless of their nationality) on tourist, transmigrate or business matters that arrive to the country from a U.S.A. inbound flight and have with them a valid and not expired visa issued by the U.S.A. government.

Starting May 1st, 2010, all foreigners, regardless of their nationality, visiting Mexico as tourists, transmigrate or for business matters won’t need a Mexican visa as long as they arrive to the country from the U.S.A.

Foreign nationals regardless of their nationality who intend to visit Mexico through maritime ports as passengers in tourism cruises do not require a visa or previous entry permit from the consular representation.