What documents do I need to enter Mexico?


To enter Mexico, you must have the following documents:


1.    A valid passport or travel document. There is no need for a minimum period of validity of the passport (for example 6 months); but this document must be valid during the length of your stay in Mexico.


2.    A properly completed Multiple Migratory Form (FMM). This form will be provided to you by the airline or at the port of entry. You can also complete this form online. Please click here: https://www.inm.gob.mx/fmme/publico/en/solicitud.html


Please keep it in a safe place and do not lose it. You will be asked for this document at your departure from Mexico.


3.    Mexican immigration officers at the port of entry may request additional documents depending on the purpose/activity of your trip.


  • Tourism: Hotel reservation, return tickets, etc.
  • Business: Letter in Spanish from your foreign company indicating that you are their employee and that you will not be paid by a Mexican company.
  • Technicians: A copy of the contract for the transfer of technology, patents and brands, purchase of machinery and equipment, technical training of personnel, or any other related to the production process of a company established in Mexico.
  • Students: Letter of invitation or acceptance from any institution pertaining to the Mexican national educational system to take courses, conduct a research project or undertake academic training for a maximum period of 180 days.