Work permit for Mexico

According to Mexican Immigration Law which came into force on 9 November 2012, foreign nationals who are going to undertake “Lucrative Activities” the Mexican company/Institution must request the work permit at the National Migration Institute in Mexico

Visitor to perform lucrative activities in Mexico

"In the case of visitors entering Mexico to perform lucrative activities, the application for the entry permit is made directly before the National Institute of Immigration by the Mexican party interested in the visit of the foreign national. Foreign artists hired to perform presentations in Mexico as well as foreign nationals hired to work in Mexico request an entry permit from the INM". (I understand that the process in Mexico it takes approximately 30 days).

This authority will send you a notification confirming that you have 15 days to come to the Consulate in order to issue the visa. Useful information about requirements and offices addresses of the INM can be found on

Once the Consular Section receives the entry permit directly from the National Institute of Immigration, (INM) the foreign national must apply in person at the Consulate and hand in his/her a) passport valid with photocopies of the pages where the personal details and holder's photograph are found, b) Visa application it is recommended to fill in the application in Microsoft Word version, one recent (less than 30 days as of the date of application) equal passport size frontal photograph, without glasses, uncovered head and white background (when applying a visa), and payment of consular fees (Visa) made in cash, postal orders or company’s cheque, payable to the Mexican Consulate. Processing time.- It takes two working days to issue the visa.


  1. If this office has not received the entry permit from the INM, it is recommended that the foreign national does not buy flight tickets.
  2. In case of any error on the entry permit, the Mexican party must apply for its correction at the INM and requests a new entry permit be sent to the Consular Section.
  3. As soon as you receive the authorization from the National Institute of Immigration, you can send us an email attaching the notification from the INM, so we will give you the appointment for the following one or two days. Please note that every applicant must come in person.
  4. This is a single entry Visa and will allow the applicants to enter to the country to exchange it for a Temporary Resident Card within 30 days upon their arrival at the nearest migration office (INM). The temporary resident card will be valid for one year and multiple entries.
  5. In order to obtain the Temporary Resident Card, the applicant must pay the migratory fees in Mexican pesos at the National Institute of Migration.