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Pacto por México (Pact for Mexico) is a political, economic & social agreement to promote growth, create jobs & reduce poverty and social inequality.

The Pact for México was signed on Dec. 2 by President Enrique Peña Nieto and representatives of the 3 largest Mexican political parties.

This Pact has 3 pillars: strengthening of the Mexican State, achieving economic and political democracy & engage citizen participation.

It is the most important political agreement our country has reached in decades.

The Pacto por México will consolidate State policy on Human Rights, in accordance with the Constitution & treaties signed by Mexico.

It will defend both, Mexican migrants abroad from criminalization and non-Mexican migrants in our country.

This Pact will enable us to increase public and private investment to more than 25% of GDP and likewise increase productivity.

Mexico’s political plurality is a reality.México is a democracy working for transparency and accountability.

The Pacto por México will push for a national revision of legal jurisdictions to ensure that no one is above the law.

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