A foreign national who lives off the income from savings and investments in Mexico or abroad, or any legal income from abroad, such as retirement pensions can apply for a “Temporary Resident Visa” (Residente Temporal). This is a single entry Visa and will allow the applicants to enter to the country to exchange it for a Temporary Resident Card within 30 days upon their arrival at the nearest migration office (INM). The temporary resident card will be valid for one year and multiple entries.

You will need to book your appointment through Mexitel.

Requirements for a Temporary Resident Visa (Residente Temporal):

  1. Valid passport and photocopy of the pages where the personal details and holder's photograph are found.
  2. Visa application it is recommended to fill in the application in Microsoft Word.
  3. One UK size passport photograph (it must be in colour, with the face clearly visible without glasses, white background and be taken within the last month).
  4. Copy of the official registry before a notary public, (Escritura Pública ante Fedatario Público) proving that the applicant owns real estate properties in Mexico or proof of the business.
  5. Original and copy of the last six month UK bank statement.
  6. Proof of bank account in Mexico (Headed letter from the Mexican institution, if you have one).
  7. Proof of monthly income salary or pension. The minimum monthly income is £1,245.00, during the last 6 months. or
  8. Proof of investments or bank accounts having an average monthly balance of at least £62,115.00 during the last 12 months.
  9. Payment of consular fees (Visa) made in cash, postal orders or company’s cheque, payable to the Mexican Consulate.

Processing time: Two working days after handing in the aforementioned documentation, in a complete and satisfactory manner.


  1. In order to obtain the Temporary Resident Card, the applicant must pay the migratory fees in Mexican pesos at the National Institute of Migration.

Visa delivery:

It can be collected personally at the Consular Section, or

By mail, under responsibility of the applicant. It is necessary to hand in an envelope "Special Delivery", containing name, address and postal code.